Veühub​, an online platform that provides video content and programmatic monetization solutions, has raised $2 million in seed funding from Bethmann Lombard Bancorp Inc.

Veühub​’s technology brings together video publishers, brands, and agencies in a data-driven, content sharing, and monetization platform. The platform offers a self-serve content management system that currently hosts over 500,000 videos, and a multiscreen video player that offers on-demand video experiences.

“We live in an age of video ubiquity and people now expect to find high-quality video content wherever they land online, but the creators of these videos need to find ways to make money from their efforts,” said Hainsley Guthrie, CEO and co-founder of Veühub​. “What Veühub​ does is fill the premium content void and assist both creators and web publishers with their monetization efforts.”

The Toronto-based startup​ claims it has shared millions of videos from unique content creators since launching in 2016. The funds raised in this seed round will be used to scale internal development and Veühub​’s sales team, along with completing the build of its new SaaS product, Slyngshot.

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