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Venture Capital Canada

Bethmann Lombard Bancorp is a leading independent mid-market private venture capital, merchant banking and financial advisory firm. We specialize in assisting issuers raise capital and realize value and are recognized for our extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide spectrum of industries. Our clients benefit from our solid, long-standing relationships with banks, pension funds, institutional investors and private equity funds around the world.

Bethmann Lombard Bancorp Services

Corporate Finance

Selecting an investment bank is one of the most crucial decisions a company will make—we reduce the corporate stress of making that decision.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The M&A capabilities of our professionals and partners is what differentiates us from our competitors..

Leveraged Buyouts

We have guided many clients through the complex stages of a leveraged buyout—whether it’s a friendly or unfriendly proposal or to utilize the leveraged finance markets to undertake a vital strategic acquisition.


We provide advisory services to public and private companies to cover spin-off or divestiture transactions—which may no longer be part of a clients’ strategic plan…

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